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The Harp & Crown Sign a Marginal Sports Writer

Let's start off with that I have been reporting, shooting, writing and such with sports since 2009... so the fact I am now on a restaurant blog shows.... well degrees are heck of a spam mail.

With that out of the way *wipes off tears* we are here to talk about The Harp & Crown and the Euros (which starts June 11th). We will be showing every single game (when we are open) so no need to buy and cancel that YouTubeTV or IBBC app! And we will be serving up our favorite game time specials like cold Carlsberg and all your favorite Euro taps (I chose Peroni for draft and I cannot get enough of it).

The first match is June 11th at 3pm between Turkey Italy. I am not going to lie that I know who is playing or what team is going to win but, I am sure that whoever is reading this is cursing my name and wondering why this guy gets to write about soccer or fotball or whatever.... well it's because I have control of the website and also need to add content to our website!

That tangent aside we will be following all the games. And you should stop in, snag a pint, lie about where you are to your significant other and stay all day!


The Godfather of Sports

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